Monday, February 8, 2016

Las Vegas' Monte Carlo

I've been to Vegas numerous times and Monte Carlo would not be my first choice of hotels. In fact, TravelMan stayed there for his bachelor party 16 years ago, so unless there had been a major reno, I wouldn't have given it the time of day. However, I was invited on a trip. And the lodging had already been arranged, so Monte Carlo it was.

The line for check-in was quite long and didn't seem to move quickly. The rooms are what I refer to as basic king bed, a desk, and a bathroom area. The bathroom what was most aging about the room; although, the carpet in the room needed to be replaced. The bathroom needed a major update. Plus, the water pressure was not good for oh, “me of thick hair.” Parts of the bathroom felt very dirty, which I'm assuming were mold. Things like the light fixture being cracked and not repaired shouts to me, "We don't give TLC to our hotel rooms."  
Sink area in bathroom
Broken light in bathroom

However, the bed was comfortable and the room was reasonably quiet.

The pool was always very crowded. It was difficult to find a chair but we managed. It was difficult to get food and beverage service at the pool.  Additionally, you had to move your location a lot if you were hoping for sun.  This pool gets a lot of shade throughout the day.
View from my room -- it was considered a pool view.  As you can see a ton of shade at the pool.  This was around the sun will move, but then the tall buildings on the other side quickly cause shade as the sun moves.
The hotel is certainly not a luxurious experience; yet, the location is somewhat good for the strip. If you can get a room for an affordable rate, then don't turn it away just based on it needed a renovation. Yet, be aware you are booking an average room that needs updating. As a little travel tip when booking, Monte Carlo is associated with the Hyatt. So if you have free rooms on your Hyatt account or points you want to spend, this is another reason to consider Monte Carlo.

The company I had with me on the trip made up for any deficiencies of the hotel.  We had a great trip.

TravelLady Rating: The Monte Carlo would not be my first choice of hotels in Las Vegas.  Yet, if the room were free or extremely discounted, I wouldn't say no.  Yet, I would know what to expect.